At Nicki Paddy & Co. we are well placed to provide assistance to SME businesses in a variety of ways. If you would like to see how we could help you, or just to see how we have helped other SME businesses read some of our testimonials.

Local Chartered Accountants – Working together

“We have worked with Nicki for a number of years now and have several clients that we collaborate on. We also refer work between our businesses and I am happy to refer clients to Nicki.

Nicki delivers a very professional service at what I believe to be reasonable rates. This is another key synergy between our businesses when we refer, as clients on both sides will have a similar expectation regarding price.
Nicki always delivers on time and clearly places a lot of value on her attention to detail and presentation. I would have to say that I believe Nicki is the ideal person to provide business management to small and medium sized businesses.”

Tony Jadzevics, Director, Evans Weir

Established IT Group – Management Accounts Support

“We have grown rapidly, and my focus is on sustaining that growth, so it’s good to have someone keeping an eye on the accounts – I guess you would say Nicki is our steady hand! Her attention to detail is hugely welcome and she picks up on things that I would otherwise not consider or may risk overlooking.

Having started the business at the age of 15 and grown it into the successful venture it is today, I have learnt a lot about business, accounts, contracts and finance along the way. But in the same way that I expect people to use LMS because of our specialist IT skills and knowledge, I value the input and skills Nicki brings to our business”.

Luke Mead, Managing Director, LMS Group

New Startup Business – Client

“Nicki has been managing my accounts, VAT, Payroll and company secretarial work since my property and events consultancy launched in June 2011. Nicki has been a rock since day one.

Always available with a wealth of knowledge and pragmatic solutions; she is super-efficient, very flexible and exceptionally organised. I can’t recommend Nicki highly enough.”

RB, London

Marketing and PR Agency – Full Service

“I have a reasonable understanding of accounts, and our transactions are relatively straight forward, so I could, in theory, do most of the day-today work myself. But it’s nice not having to! Nicki takes care of all our accounting and payroll needs. This frees my time to focus on client work.

Nicki has access to our server, we use cloud-based business apps wherever possible and so it is really easy and hassle free”.

Ben Cooper, Managing Director, Recenseo