Stick to what you’re good at!...

It’s rare to see a business owner without a fantastic skill set; be it a creative eye, a knack for numbers or the ability to talk pretty much anyone into doing anything. Yet, (no matter how much we try and convince ourselves!) we can’t be good at everything.

Keeping accurate financial records is a legal obligation for any business and it is therefore vital that, even if accounting isn’t your calling in life, you don’t just bury your head in the sand. Keeping healthy accounting records can provide invaluable information about your business performance, financial position and provide a marker on how close you are to achieving your goals.  Any business should therefore value the importance of taking good care of their accounts and their records.

I know a wood sculptor who, although the most amazing craftsman, simply has no idea about paperwork. He needed help and came to us for advice. Sifting through the vast array of documents he had collected over the years, we created an effective organisation system that made tasks such as VAT calculations and credit control an easier and more accurate process. He could also compare previously estimated business performance against up-to-date actual facts and figures.

In cases like this, professional accounting advice and services can make the difference between seeing your business blossom into its full potential or falling into accounting chaos. Whether or not you have a keen eye for figures shouldn’t determine the success of your business. Whilst you focus on your strengths, we focus on ours.

Bringing a qualified bookkeeper on board offers an external perspective on your accounting decisions and can ease the mêlée of annual accounts, tax returns and credit control. We can adapt our services to best suit you, whether you need one off advice or retained support, on an hourly or fixed rate, via your preferred method of communication.

If your skills lay elsewhere and numbers just aren’t your thing, email us at or call 01243 92989 for more information about the services we offer.

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