Tax Returns...

Getting your returns to the right people, at the right time with the correct information

If you are the owner, manager or director of a business that is incorporated, has employees and uses VAT, there are actually very few months of the year that you do not have to submit a return of some description to HMRC or companies house.

Whether it is for personal tax or commercial tax, the job of calculating and completing the various returns required of you can be time consuming and complicated.

Take a moment to consider all the returns you and your business (outlined above) may need to make in the course of a single year, as a minimum:


  • Self-Assessment
  • P11D


  • Quarterly VAT Return
  • Corporation Tax
  • Annual Returns
  • Payroll related returns such as – RTI information, P32, P60, P11D, P45 & P35

If you are a relatively new business or have not run your own accounts before, the process of completing and submitting all of these returns and ensuring the correct payments are entered into your accounts and settled on time, could be quite daunting; especially when most of them have strict deadlines with penalties if you miss them.

Here at Nicki Paddy & Co., we can take the pressure off by working with you to gather all of the relevant information, calculate the return and help you complete it. In some cases we can act as your agent and handle the submission too, depending on the size of your business and nature of the return.

We have lots of experience of working with HMRC and understanding exactly what information they require of you and so we can often complete returns faster than if you set about the task yourself; leaving you to concentrate on the business.

So if you find the process of completing tax returns onerous or are struggling to meet deadlines for submission, please contact us today to see how we can help.