Drafting Annual Accounts...

Preparing the accounts for year end

The job of a bookkeeper is not simply about adding the daily and weekly sales and purchase transactions. As a qualified bookkeeper, we can draft your annual accounts, ready for your accountant to review and sign off.

This drafting process is one of the most time consuming parts of your accountants job each year. They normally have to pull all of the information together before they can create the final, statutory accounts. Only once they have this information can they start the job of reconciling and making appropriate adjustments to the accounts to create your end of year position.

Therefore, by working with Nicki Paddy & Co., we can make your accountants job easier (maybe even a little cheaper too) and also ensure your accounts are kept up to date during the year, avoiding a huge rush and panic when it comes to year end.

What can we do for you?

  • Sole Trader – We can complete your final annual accounts
  • Limited Company, an LLP or a partnership – Create draft accounts, ready for signature by the Directors, prior to submission

So if you would rather have someone working alongside you, that understands your business and can help take the pressure out of the accounting process, contact us today.