Payroll: what we need to know...

Payroll consumes several days of time and effort every month here at Nicki Paddy & Co. As the end of the month rolls around we’re busy inputting names and numbers to ensure everyone wakes up on that longed-for day to a bountiful bank account.

However, sometimes one of our biggest frustrations is when our crystal ball fails to work. By this we mean we are not up to speed on the changes which our clients have made staff wise during the month. This is where good communication with our fantastic clients can work wonders, to help keep us up-to-date on all the latest employee changes. Do bear in mind that whilst we will re-run the payroll for you, and notify HMRC of any changes made as pensions roll out, it is not currently possible to change submissions to the pension companies – so staff pensions may have over or under payments.

What payroll information we need to know about:

Whether you’re welcoming a new starter, bidding farewell to a longstanding employee, or have rewarded that hard worker with a much-deserved bonus or pay rise – we need to know. So before next pay day, make sure you pop us an email with any changes to your employees.

New starters – there’s nothing worse than not getting paid, especially after the first month, which can often be in arrears. So when someone new joins your team, make sure you get their details over to us asap so they don’t miss out. We have a new starter form that you will have been emailed and we can always supply you with copies as and when you need them. This is the best way to work as our forms are always updated with any new changes that we need information for.

Leavers – when someone leaves it’s imperative that we know, otherwise you’ll still be paying them when we’re sure you won’t want to be! While it may seem surprising, it’s a fairly regular occurrence.

Salary changes – if there are any changes to payments – whether it be a pay rise, salary sacrifice or anything in between – make sure you tell us, so we can make any changes accordingly. This especially applies with new starters – it really helps if you let us know their salary as well as the fact that you have a new starter.

If you have any changes you need to let us know about, or have any questions regarding our payroll or bookkeeping services, you can get in contact here.

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