Dealing with the paperwork for importing and exporting can be very confusing for the small business. There are multiple sources of information and various regulations that apply depending on where you are exporting to or importing from. After more than 20 years of both working in and with commercial organisations that trade internationally we are well placed to provide you with a linchpin service.

  • Bookkeeping with Foreign currencies – A standard bookkeeping service using multiple currencies – foreign currencies can cause confusion or even if dealt with incorrectly the financial information can be misleading.
  • Reclaiming VAT from EU countries – If you visit EU states on business – we can help you to reclaim the VAT that particular country allows in order to reduce your costs.
  • EC VAT Returns – Monthly or quarterly returns required by HMRC detailing to whom you have sold goods in the EU. We can either complete these on your behalf or show you what is required.
  • Intrastat Returns – Monthly returns of movement of goods required by HMRC where exports to or imports from the EU are over a specific threshold. We can complete these returns on your behalf or show you what is required and where to go to get the required information.
  • Wording on Invoices for Export – We can either complete your commercial invoices on your behalf for shipments or show you how to deal with these yourself.
  • Dealing with Export Documents – Arranging for completion of the documents to facilitate smoother deliveries of goods to your customers.
  • Payment Options from Overseas Customers – Are you utilising the options available to you in order to provide as much safeguard as possible that you are paid for any goods you have shipped?
  • Payment Options to Overseas Suppliers – Are you using the payment options available to you in order to ensure that you receive the goods and services from suppliers based overseas?
  • Setting up or improving procedures for exporting/importing – If you are new to importing or exporting and you wish to do all returns and documents yourself we can provide a linchpin service putting you in touch with the relevant people and providing the necessary information and mentoring.