Nicki Paddy advises ‘freedom leapers’ on new business ventures...

Have you ever had dreams of quitting the rat race, finding your freedom and setting up your own business? Or maybe you’ve started up your business but need directional support and clarity?

There is a solution in the form of The Freedom Leap, which offers guidance, insight and gives working individuals the confidence to quit their jobs and start up their own businesses.

As a certified bookkeeper I have been approached by Jen Smith, the founder of The Freedom Leap, to assist her in delivering guidance to her clients on all things ‘money’. I will be providing them with the low-down on setting up as a sole-trader or Ltd company, offering organisational advice for keeping receipts, choosing advisors and giving away my top tips on how to save money whilst ensuring individuals stay compliant with the various deadlines.

Part of my package for these aspiring, novice or confused business owners is two checklists of important things that need to be considered when thinking about a new business. I have also been interviewed by Jen Smith and provided with a series of questions and answers that can act as a rule-book covering all of the key fundamental points from business set-up to maternity pay.

I know it may seem subjective, but I do carry the genuine belief that The Freedom Leap is a fantastic organisation to be a part of. Having my own first-hand experience of the uncertainties and reservations of setting up your own business, I know it’s rare to find a support network as solid as this one, and I would recommend The Freedom Leap to anyone.

If you’ve been thinking about setting up your own business or have any questions about your current one, just drop me a line and I’ll be glad to have a chat to see how I can help.

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