Why I extol mentoring for anyone running a business...

I’ve recently had a revelation and I’m keen to share this with as many people as will listen! I’ve discovered the benefits of mentoring…

As a small business owner, you suddenly have to become adept at everything a business requires, in order for it to run smoothly; planning, finance, networking, website development, IT, human resources… when all you may have wanted to do was bake some pies too sell!

It can be such a lonely existence at times and it really makes a difference if you have someone you can go to with challenges, ideas, concerns, suggestions, frustrations – even rants!

I found my mentor within one of my business networks – in the bookkeeping circle. I felt I needed someone with more experience than I have and someone who knows and understands the business I’m in. And my mentor ticks all those boxes.

Having agreed the mentoring relationship, within just one week of our first phone call, I had everything set up as suggested, and in this short space of time, I went from ‘panic and give up’ to simply getting things done.

I found myself under pressure to outsource some of the day to day office management work so that I could continue to deliver to clients – but it was no one’s pressure but my own!

Having grown 10% in last 12 months, it was important to me that I continue to deliver the quality of work that Nicki Paddy and Co is known for delivering. And in order to do this, I had to admit that someone else might be able to look after the day to day running of the office!

Since I’ve been working with my mentor, business has grown approx. 20% – and my 2017 year-end looks as though growth will have been more than double that this year. Of course, erring on the side of caution, as most good bookkeepers should… extreme growth can cause concern but it depends on what kind of growth, what structure the business is operating in and within which sector.

For Nicki Paddy and Co, this has been a really interesting time and I’m not only streamlining the way I work personally, but also streamlining how I work with clients, which I hope makes it more efficient and effective for them, as it is doing for us.

So, my mentoring provides me with focus, guidance, objectivity and he acts as my ‘critical friend’. I know that if he is critical of something we’re doing, it is because he has the best interests of Nicki Paddy and Co at heart.

The amazing thing I’ve found is that often I have the answers already. I just need the clarity of thought as to which is the right one. And this is what my mentor gives me.

If you reach the decision to outsource your bookkeeping, give us a call.

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