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We are regularly asked questions by our clients, the answers to which are often pertinent to other clients and SME’s. So in a bid to make useful information freely available, we seek to answer the most regularly asked questions or provide some ideas about managing the perennial issues faced by SME’s and growing companies.

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21st April 2020


If there is one word that will be used to sum up 2020, I am adamant that it will be ‘unprecedented’. Because, let’s face it, everything in our daily lives right now is …. without precedent. Coming in to 2020, I had competing views of the year ahead. The decisive election result provided a degree […]

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24th January 2018

PayPal and Credit Card Merchant Business ‘Loans’

Alternatives to Traditional Loans As I mentioned in my Xerocon roundup back in the Autumn of 2017, one major development of the year was the introduction of business loans/cash advances being offered by the card processing merchants – including PayPal. As I mentioned in my Xerocon roundup back in the Autumn of 2017, one major […]

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11th May 2017

State of the Economy

We can’t deny the economically uncertain times we live in, so it’s important to take a look at the state of the economy we live in. Brexit, rising inflation and a struggling service sector are just a few difficulties facing Britain today. And on the face of it we’re seeing a somewhat struggling economy, with […]

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