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Nicki Paddy & Co is a Silver Certified Advisor for Xero

Xero has only been in existence for just over a decade. However, it has already amassed over 1 million subscribers to their self-styled ‘beautiful accounting software’.

Why is Xero so popular?

The reason Xero has enjoyed such rapid growth is twofold. Primarily it is due to the huge amount of functionality available for such a small price tag. This makes it highly competitive and accessible to businesses across a range of sectors. Xero is used by everyone from start-ups to multi-million-turnover enterprises. The other reason for its success is Xero effectively copied the early Sage business model. By engaging bookkeepers and accountants and getting them recommending it to their clients they added users, quickly. Because the software is easy to use, provides a comprehensive accounting function and is regularly updated and extended, this ensured it quickly became the accountants friend.

Who does it work for?

Whether you are a service-based business producing a few sales invoices each month with limited outgoings or a fully-fledged trading company with stock or job costs that need tracking across volumes of inbound and outbound transactions, Xero can flex and adapt to meet your needs. As a cloud-based system it can be accessed 24/7, 365, wherever and whenever you need it. The standard licensing model is per company and not limited to the number of users. So you are not restricted to having a single user or facing significant cost hikes as your team grows. The Xero add-on marketplace has grown at a similar rate to the software itself and now offers a range of useful complementary systems and processes that seamlessly integrate and extend the functionality into other areas of your business such as CRM, job costing, ecommerce and paperless entry.

As a Silver Certified Adviser for Xero we can help you get set up on the system and then support you with your day-to-day accounts and bookkeeping or manage your month end procedures, VAT and HMRC returns – whatever you need.

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Xero Certified Advisor | Xero Bookkeeper
Nicki Paddy & Co is a Silver Certified Advisor for Xero