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The right accounting software for your needs, not ours….

We have a strongly held belief at Nicki Paddy & Co where accounting software is concerned and that is one size really does not fit all. It is for this reason that we work with clients on a host of accounting software solutions. Whilst it would benefit us to insist on everyone using the same system, it would very quickly unravel. The simple fact is one system would not meet the needs of everyone’s individual requirements.

However, we do have a core suite of applications we use regularly. These have been selected because they meet the needs of a number of our clients. Where it is appropriate to make a recommendation or propose one of these systems, we will do so. We will also tell our clients when a system is not right for them or they risk outgrowing it quickly.

As a result of having a suite of applications that meet the needs of the majority of our clients, we can understand them in greater depth. Consequently our clients benefit because we can be more efficient, providing them with a timely service.

As an outsourced accounting function, remote access for both sides is crucial. We both need to be able to enter transactions, run reports and access the system. For this reason, cloud accounting applications like Quickbooks and Xero have revolutionised the way we work. They remove the need for us to travel to client sites or transfer hard copy documentation. Because the cloud accounting market is still quite limited, not every business can use cloud software. Larger organisations or those with more complex demands may still use traditional, on premise software solutions.

Sage remains one of the most widely used accounting and payroll applications in the UK and in numerous other countries and so we maintain our knowledge and use of this to ensure we can still support the widest possible number of companies that need help with their accounting function.

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