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We are regularly asked questions by our clients, the answers to which are often pertinent to other clients and SME’s. So in a bid to make useful information freely available, we seek to answer the most regularly asked questions or provide some ideas about managing the perennial issues faced by SME’s and growing companies.

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9th December 2016

Out but not down – SME’s brave Brexit

Whilst the legal and political worlds battle over the Brexit question, my personal view is that SME’s seem to be maintaining a swan-like approach to the changing currents beneath. We know that the toughest times may be yet to come as far as the longer-term impacts of Brexit are concerned, but having spoken to clients […]

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5th December 2016

Introducing Pam Donaldson – A new addition to our team

We’re delighted to introduce you to a new member of the Nicki Paddy & Co team, Pam Donaldson.  Pam is working on a part-time basis initially, with a view to growing her role here and already she is proving invaluable! Previously Pam was responsible for managing the office and accounts of a UK company under […]

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